Just another Simmer who found that modding the game is more fun than playing the game! I like to dig and investigate stuff and then document them. So, being a ModTheSims Staff is perfect and suits me to a Tee. I moderate the Help sections and the SimsWiki mostly and I’ve since started delving in programming with C#. Also trying to learn cross-platform development with QT and C++.

I now have a Donate page! Thanks in advance, y’all!


  1. Oh! Are folks really interested to contribute monetarily?
    I have to think about whether I want to go this route, as it may open a can of worms I’m not prepared to handle at this time. But it may be an avenue for me to pursue if I’m going to have to buy more Store worlds. Things are a bit tougher this year… I do thank you for the sentiment, and appreciate that you want to help.

    I was gonna say that you can contribute by donating to MTS and that my wishlist on thesims3.com are mostly for worlds and Sets that I mostly already have bought / been gifted with. Also, that since this is a hosted blog, I don’t have expenses for this site.
    But then I remembered, I have yet to buy Roaring Heights which has no wishlist icon. And that contributions to MTS does not solve my problems of dealing with one PC in this household, and my attempts at creating OS X apps for this Cross-Platform program idea I’ve had for a while.

    And having BSODs hell this past fortnight, brought home the fact that my PC is almost 4 years old, and that I may need another GPU; a laptop as a separate system (as the shared PC is being used more now by the others for School projects and stuff); and yada yada yada…Well, you know how PC needs and games get pushed to the backburner until the utilities and groceries expenses are cleared. 😉

    I have to go research if this can be done on a wordpress.com site.

    Thank you again for the sweet thoughts. You have no idea how much I appreciate that there are people who are so willing to help.

  2. Ella, I do not know if you can help but hope you will tell me what I did wrong. I started to register on MTS and tried to fill in the different parts and I think I answer the mind question wrong. It locked me out from filling out a new register from my IP address. Help Please

    • The registration was submitted, or it didn’t go through?

      Did you get a confirmation email for the first registration?
      What email address do you use? I’ll ask the Admins to remove so you can retry…

      If you’re still stuck at the Human Verification part, wait either 6 to 24 hours to try again (I forgot which), and make sure to clear cookies and browser cache.

  3. Wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the time and talent you’ve contributed to the Sims Community. I’ve been playing Sims 1, 2 and 3 off and on for a very long time. Your creations are one of my “must haves” to begin again for Sims 3. I had a computer crash right after my ext HD blew up, so had to swing by to d/l these again from MTS.

    Its been awhile since you’ve posted. Hoping life is treating you well. Just wanted you to know that your creations continue to bring pleasure.

    • @Radikinz,
      thanks for taking the time to write that! It brought a smile when I read it last month, glad to know it is still helping people.

    • @Andre,
      be assured, this is gonna be one of the first thing (among many others) that I’ll look into; now that I have the time to commit to it again. Thanks for that generous intention!

  4. Hi, I am having issues with your multi-part files. In particular, I am trying to merge your six world files for Appaloosa Plains. I have S3PE, S3RC and the run.bat file and I’ve followed the guide for S3PE here to Step 5:


    S3RC and the run.bat files are in the Installed Worlds folder within my Sims 3 folder in the user documents folder. I can extract the file for Part 1 without any problems and when I send it to my Installed Worlds folder I can use the run.bat file to recompress it without a problem. However, for some reason I cannot extract any of the files for Parts 2 through 6 and when I try I get a weird “Data Error File Is Broken” message. The file I end up extracting has a 0 byte size and I cannot seem to import it with S3PE because it says the files need to be replaced, or something like that.

    Am I doing something wrong here or is there something wrong with the subsequent multi-part world files that I just downloaded? I assume I am supposed to download them and the resource fix files and then extract them, which I know how to do, but how do I merge the rest of the world files without getting those error messages? Any advice and/or assistance would be appreciated

    Thanks for reading!

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