How to use Mods in Surviving the Aftermath

For a list of available mods, visit

On the Mod page of the Mod you wish to use, do not use Click the drop-down arrow and select Manual Download instead. I’ll explain why the Subscribe method is not working later (see Current Limitations below).

Go to \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Surviving the Aftermath\ and create a Mods folder. Your path should be in the default C: \ drive. Mine is in B: \ because I changed my Windows settings when my SSD ran out of space.

Copy + Paste the downloaded .mod file(s) from your Downloads folder into this Mods folder.

You can rename the mod file to better reflect the file contents if you want, just keep the .mod file extension. If you cannot see the file extension, put a tick in the Filename extension checkbox in the Show/Hide panel, under the View menu.

Start the Launcher. Do not enable Mod in Launcher by clicking Mods as shown in next image, see Current Limitations below for explanation.

Click on the undefined button and then in the game load screen, click MODS menu as shown below.

Click the mod you wish to use, by placing a tick in the checkbox. Then click BACK.

Back in the game load screen, start a NEW game

Follow the instructions from the mod’s download page, if provided, to locate where the mod can be found in your game or if there are any pre-requisites to fulfill before the mod’s features can be realized.

Current limitations

  • Mods cannot be enabled from the Launcher screen or by using the Subscribe button (nothing happens) on the Paradox Mod page website. As shown in the image below, even with the mods enabled in the Launcher screen, once you go to the Select Mods screen in the game, none of the mods are checked off. This may have something to do with Epic Games Launcher and the Mods page in Paradox not knowing about each other, as my Paradox account does not list this game and there’s no way to link Paradox to Epic account or vice versa. Hopefully this would change when the game is made available on Steam.
  • The MODS user interface in the game has no scrollable panel, so we are limited to using 4 mods at a time. Even if you placed more than 4 files in the Mods folder in Windows Explorer, only 4 would be visible.
  • The 4 mods you select cannot all use the same mesh if the mod is a building-type. All the buildings will revert to just one upon then next load of the Save game.
  • As with most other games, you can only have one play-through per loading of the game, meaning you need to Quit the game totally to the Windows Desktop in order to load another Save or to enable another mod. Loading another Save or starting a second NEW game without Quitting to Desktop has always resulted in the game hanging on me and I had to Ctrl+Alt+Del the process or close window from the Taskbar (another reason why I run in Windowed mode while creating mods and testing in-game).
  • Cannot use a newly downloaded mod in a pre-existing SAVE game. Must always start a NEW game.

Tips and Tricks

Since the Launcher has no discernible function, you can bypass it and Launch the game directly. Go to the path where you installed the Epic Games Launcher. Right-click on the icon and click on Open File location as shown.

I installed mine in my D:\ drive so my file path may differ from yours. Doing the above step would bring you to \Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Launcher\Portal\Binaries\Win32. On the navigation pane, switch to the root folder (ie D:\ drive in my case) and then go to \Program Files\Epic Games\SurvivingTheAftermath and you can create a shortcut to the Desktop to launch your game with.

This is just my preferred method to start games since most Launchers are temperamental at best and unreliable the rest of the time. Past experience with The Sims and Origins rears its head, I guess.

Do comment below if I made any mistakes on the steps above.

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