So, I made a thing.

A mod thing, for a new game just released under Early Access –

And as usual something annoys me so much that I made a mod to make my gaming easier. If you already have the game and want to check out my mod, visit and then post feedback and comments in

If you haven’t bought it and want to try it out, it costs USD13.99; use “ellacharmed” as the creator code. Do be aware it is early stages yet and not feature-rich, still somewhat buggy and need some balancing on the numbers for gameplay. But the game is fun, if you like games like Surviving Mars (same publisher but different development studio), or Banished, or Foundation and the like.

I like the design style and potential of it. Plus, I’m picking this as an entry point to learn modding using Unity. The gameplay and UI is rich for the picking. Still lots of digging around in the gamefiles to be done – Fun!

And…it’s good to be back!

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