So…I found myself with a little bit more free time..

This post takes me days to write…

Yes, I now have more free time, because my aunt has passed away. She has always have the greatest scheduling and planning-sense, dates-wise that is. She had her first partial mastectomy on 11.01.11 and she passed on 15.05.15.

As has been said, every calamity or bad experience happens for a reason. One can almost always find a silver lining behind those gray clouds. Her cancer has brought the family closer than ever before:

  • I have 4 brothers (instead of 2), since I think of her sons as my siblings, instead of cousins, with the way our families are always at each other’s houses. Plus, her youngest still lives with my mom and me because it is closer for him to get to school there; he’s been with us since my aunt completed her maternity leave, which was when he was 2 months old.
  • My long lost aunt came back to the family fold in the last weeks. She’s the youngest aunt, my grandma’s youngest child, and the black sheep of the family. Last time we had any contact was after my dad passed away…in 2006 and she cut off all contact again in 2008.
  • It enables me to know my aunt as I’ve never known her before. As a person, not just as “my aunty”.
  • The whole extended family has been a rock for me while I wear that “caregiving hat”. I just had to make a phone call or a WhatsApp msg, and get an immediate response. Be it for groceries, or medical supplies, or just a listening ear, or supportive shoulder and a great big hug.

I’m still here at my aunt’s place, helping out with administrative details that comes with the passing of a loved one, and putting away and organizing her stuff to be donated to the Cancer organizations that have helped us so much in the past year.

So, while I’ll have a chance to be online more now, I still won’t get back home to my PC for a while. Speaking of which I think the boys at home have messed it up somehow, as last I heard is that the monitor went kaput. <sigh>

Yeah, so…that’s all I needed to say. Well pretty much all I can say because the screen and keyboard is getting hard to see behind my tears.

Indulge me for a little while more, my loyal fellow Simmers! You guys have been amazing! With your well wishes and support! Thanks so much…

Love and smooches,


  1. Take all the time you need. Thanks for all the work you’ve done but don’t feel rushed, real life comes first. ❤

  2. My condolences on the loss of your aunt. As Simmer pointed out, you have given so much. There is no need to indulge. I will happily await your return when you are ready.
    Ella, has anyone told you recently you are truly a wonderful person with a heart of gold? If not, then let me be the one.

  3. My condolences on the passing of your Aunt. As a caregiver to my Mom right now, I know how difficult & rewarding it can all be at the same time. I trust your Aunt is so thankful for your tireless effort and appreciates you as much as we Simmers do!

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