Help me decide – Gitlab or Github?

If some of you follow me on Twitter, you might remember that I tweeted a question to the SimGurus a while back about the legality and ramifications of putting up the raw CAW work-in-progress files for the world fixes.

Not like I expected an answer, mind you. Not a public, “yes, you can do that. go ahead” kind of thing. But at least an acknowledgement that they know people want something like this and would try to find out from the Legal or PR dept…but nada, zilch, big goose egg. So, now I simply don’t care if they ever reply or not. Worse comes to worst, there’d be a breach of TOU and I’m instructed to pull it, right? But at least, we’d find out…one way or another.

Which prompts me to research online Repos (repositories), i.e hosting it online and not on my local harddrive, that offer more private and different user permissions. More for the “group permissions” feature than to “keep it private” feature. And I found the answer in The disadvantage is that the user-permissions have to be set, by someone, most likely me. Which means I’d be more tied-up in administering these Repos than working on the world-fixing itself. Other option is on Github which has no private setting for the free account, anybody can access it, which also means anyone can fork it and start working on it without any input from me (a plus too, in a sense). Issue with Github is keeping the “developer” branch private and having a “release” branch public is not possible, plus the GitHub pricing plan is tied to the number of private Repos (keep in mind there are 7 pack-worlds, 5 travel-worlds and 11 store-worlds), with each world being its own separate repository.

On the other hand, GitLab is: runs GitLab Enterprise Edition and has all the features listed above. On top of that, you get unlimited public and private repositories and unlimited collaborators for free.


At this point I’m leaning more towards So, if you are interested in getting your hands on the raw WIP CAW files, which git ecosystem would you prefer?


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