Do you know: how to download previous versions of items on Simtropolis’ ST/Exchange?

So I needed a way to chill while away from home and away from my gaming rig, I succumbed and recently purchased SimPlot, uhrm, sorry…SimCity, back when it went on sale during the Thanksgiving/Xmas period. I haven’t touched it much because I had trouble navigating in-game with the Macbook’s trackpad. I think I’m getting the hang of using a Mac now, especially for playing games, and am experimenting with the 3 game-changing mods of SimCity:

  • Akar (Custom UI)
  • Orion (3K extended boundary)
  • Avalon (RCIPlopAll)

In the midst of all that downloading and reading forum posts and comments, I see this question asked a lot of times. So, to make it short and sweet before I ramble away your precious time, here’s an image to show you how. As always, click on it to get a higher resolution image.

  1. Login to the site. You must have a Simtropolis account to download, else you’re bounced back to the main forums page.
  2. Hover mouse over the date of the previous version you want. (I assume you know to load the page of the mod you want to download :-p )
  3. Upon hover, the download icon would appear.
  4. Click it and you’re brought to the Disclaimer page. Click the “Agree & Download” button, and you’re then brought to the Download page. Download at will.
  5. Happy modding!

Simtropolis download previous version

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