Oasis Landing in Testing folder

It has been months since I put the link in my signature @MTS. Did anyone download and test it? Weird that there’s not been a single report about this…

So, here’s a post where you guys can provide feedback. I had meant to do it, but alas technical difficulties…So, hopefully you guys now have had months of pent up frustrations about this fix to vent. Comment away…

If you didn’t realize it has been put up, here’s the link to the Testing folder @Google Drive.


  1. Downloading now, will report any issues as I encounter them. Thank you so much for all your work!
    Question: are there any links to the single-files for Bridgeport & Appaloosa Plains & Twinbrook?

    • Appreciate any and all feedback, thanks. 🙂

      No, those worlds need a redo, no point posting the single-world files at this time. Mainly Twinbrook. I’ll have to review the other 2 worlds if they need any do-overs or additional fixes based on the comments so far. I’m planning to get round to them in these next months if the schedule opens up and nothing else crops up. (fingers crossed, can start mid-Sept onwards until Christmas)

  2. I’ll get back to CAW and these world fixes eventually. Just post your feedback on here anytime. I still read and take feedback on any world fixes and any help is appreciated. Just not sure of timeline of when it’ll be completed.

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