Some notes on Patch 1.66

This is a small patch relatively-speaking.
And this post is more of a clarification to the Patch Note 1.66 report that I write for every patch since the problems with the 1.3x series. Since the 1.3x patch series, I have done some basic comparisons so that if there are any discrepancy issues, they would be found as early as possible.


If you all noticed, the link to the incremental is only referencing the 1.63.4 version. Since there’s no fundamental difference between 1.63.4 and 1.63.5, the incremental “1.66.2_from_1.63.4” patch would work just fine on games patched to 1.63.5.

I ran the Incremental from patch on both of my

  1., and

game configurations. I then compare the resulting folders in FreeFileSync and the result is – they are identical. Which is supported by the report from InstallWatch as both times, the following results were obtained.

  • 17 files added
  • 0 files deleted
  • 191 files updated

Incremental vs SuperPatcher

1.66.2 fr 1.63.x incr vs 1.66.2 super
The same methodology was also applied to this comparison. The differences are on the executable files that (as shown by the date-stamp) were compiled on different days. Which is expected.

What XML mods are affected

As shown in the report below (I used simlogical’s Package Compare Utility), only mods that references the 2 highlighted XMLs (lines #20 & #21) would need updates. Others that are not mentioned (like my nointro & LTR mods) are not affected.

And, as you can see, there are new XMLs to fix issues with the StasisChamber.

File 1: G:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\Gameplay\GameplayData.package
File 2: S:\2013.1017.1.63.x.024\Superpatcher 1.63.5 from 1.0.631\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\Gameplay\GameplayData.package

In File1 (but not File2):
_XML-0x0333406C-0x00000000-0x4403391753153787 StasisChamber+EnterStasisSleep_0x4403391753153787
_XML-0x0333406C-0x00000000-0x99AF3F814B81B9CB StasisChamber+ScanEnvironment_0x99af3f814b81b9cb
_XML-0x0333406C-0x00000000-0xBBA450DCDD98D885 StasisChamber+CyberneticEnhancementsStore_0xbba450dcdd98d885
_XML-0x0333406C-0x00000000-0xCF9B3B3A6EECD70E StasisChamber+WormholeSelf_0xcf9b3b3a6eecd70e
ITUN-0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0x0EBA09E9DF70F381 EnterStasisSleep_StasisChamber
ITUN-0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0x142410C31369F850 WormholeSelf_Sim
ITUN-0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0x412D11A0FD3D4309 InstallCybernetics_StasisChamber
ITUN-0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0x56A2C005B96FD993 WormholeSim_Sim
ITUN-0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0xB6366E19D7556C49 ScanEnvironment_Sim
ITUN-0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0xC86F3BE56E966BC8 UninstallCybernetics_StasisChamber
ITUN-0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0xF3A950F0A5F6FA37 BeWarped_Sim
ITUN-0x03B33DDF-0x00000000-0xF7CC040F46E1BD39 RunBioStabilizer_Sim

In both (but different):
_XML-0x0333406C-0x00000000-0x7E365C931A158406 Opportunities_EP11
_XML-0x0333406C-0x00000000-0xF3FFD9EE5AEB7C14 EditCollectionDialog_0xf3ffd9ee5aeb7c14

Invalid File Found

As stated in SimsWiki Manual Patch Download page, this error is usually the result of choosing the wrong patch for your game Region or the “From_xxx” numbering of the previous patch. Incremental patches must match exactly to the version of your current game.

Having said that, this time round this error is due to an Incremental for a patch that was never published by EA: 1.65.2. Whomever provided you with the link or whatever web site published this need to be notified to take that link down.


20140114 patch-1-66 caw1-19-6

There’s no need to update CAW for 1.66.2. At least, based on the CAW installer I downloaded this week.

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