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Sims Uni Fixed
.world [@MTS]

(single 7z, no multiparts)


  1. Now that I have created the threads on MTS, links have been updated to point to the respective threads. To facilitate the ease for me to provide support for them.

  2. Not to sound rude or anything, but are you still working on this? Just wondering. I’m also eagerly awaiting a fixed Oasis Landing. Thanks so much for fixing my game, by the way. I was pulling my hair out in Bridgeport and well, I’m not pulling my hair anymore!

  3. @Penta, thank you for stepping up and answering @Johan.

    @Johan, I hoped that Penta’s comment have pointed you to the Oasis Landing post and that you have been able to use it. Do you have any comments or issues on it? Please do let me know in the blog post. I haven’t had much feedback on the fixes for Oasis Landing. Not sure if it is working fine or are people just having trouble to locate it like you did?

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