France Resources
Resources [@MTS]
France Fixed
.world [multipart @MTS]
France Fixed
.world [@Google Drive]


  1. No problem, You still provided the world at MTS, so I simply grabbed these links instead. My biggest issue with that world is big, blank lot just north of base camp. I suppose some kind of house was supposed to be there. Now i’ts gone, and a big, square hole filled with water is there instead. I just downloaded the France from googledrive to make sure it doesn’t differ from the MTS version, but it’s exactly the same filesize and checksum. It’s easy to spot, but if you need a screenshot with location let me know. Other than that, It’s working fine. No lag/routing issues whatsoever. Keep up the good work 😉

    • Oh dear…thanks for letting me know. I never noticed it.
      I don’t test it beyond ensuring the fixed versions don’t crash. I’ll have the corrected version up momentarily.

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