Hidden Springs

Lunar Lakes Thumb (R)
Resources [@MTS]
.world [multi-part @MTS]
.world [@Google Drive]

The version below is without the Redwood Peak venue. More details at Resources for Hidden Springs’s various Fixes thread’s post#2
Lunar Lakes Thumb (R)
Resources [@Testing, Google Drive]
.world [@Testing, Google Drive]


  1. I think maybe you’ve got the Redwood and No Redwood file links reversed. I want the one WITH Redwood and the link leads to a file that is called Hidden Springs (no Redwood). The other one simply leads to a file called Hidden Springs. Which one should I download?

  2. I have to say so far I’ve used the one without Redwood Peak and it is awesome. I’m playing on near max settings and have seen almost no lag so far the only lag I’ve seen is when traveling by car.

  3. Tried both versions. Can confirm no lag with the version where redwood peak lot is removed.
    Thank you so much! I was actually extremely frustrated and fed up with the game as Hidden Springs is the only town I really liked playing because the snow in seasons suited it perfectly. So I’m very happy to be able to play it without any problems now. Thanks again!

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