Fileshare hosting comparison: Box vs Mediafire vs Google Drive

With the recent upload of, it appears that the account cannot sustain the download traffic. I didn’t think the fixes would be so in demand! I underestimated it, didn’t I. I initially selected for its integration with WordPress that allows the widget in the sidebar, but now the bandwidth cap has become a prohibitive factor.

So, being the nerd that I am – out come the spreadsheets and Pros and Cons list – to analyze the other 2 hosting sites. These are the 2 I’ve shortlisted that made my criteria for a Free account, substantial account size, and no bandwidth cap. The deciding factor now is the upload filesize limit.

If there are any newer worlds that exceed the 200MB, I’d have to revisit this decision again as Mediafire has a criteria for split archives. However, if I go with Google Drive just for the generous 10GB upload filesize limit, the 15GB account size may be hit sooner relative to the Mediafire account. But then again, if my calculations are correct, the probability that EA would create 60 over Store Worlds for the lifetime of The Sims 3 franchise is rather far-fetched at this time, methinks.

While MTS has increased their upload size from 10MB to 50MB, that still requires split multi-part archives to upload a .world file. Looks like Google Drive it is… Well, there goes my download count on MTS. 😥

I’ll be transferring files from my account to Google Drive in the coming days.




Google Drive

Account size 10GB (free) 10-50GB (free); earn more with referrals 15GB (free)
Bandwidth cap 10GB / mth unlimited unlimited
Upload filesize limit 250MB 200MB 10 GB
Split multi-parts ? nothing mentioned Split archive blocked in Free accounts after 10 downloads / week Non-issue
Next tier for Personal paid
  • $10 / mth for 100 GB,
  • 5GB uploads,
  • 2TB bandwidth / mth
  • $4.99 / mth for 100 GB,
  • 10GB uploads,
  • 1000GB bandwidth / mth
  • $4.99 / mth for 100 GB,
  • ? uploads,
  • ? bandwidth / mth
  • WordPress integration : Widget in wordpress blog
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • Max of 256 worlds @200MB each
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • generous upload limit;
  • Max of 76 worlds @200MB each
  • Bandwidth limit;
  • Account size
  • Scripts for widgets blocked by wordpress, have to use individual share links;
  • Might hit upload limit for bigger worlds, right now biggest is @120MB
  • individual share links, integration is for GoogleDocs;
  • Might hit account size if Store keep releasing worlds

Anyone has any titbits to share regarding filehosting services they use? Keep in mind, the .world files are around 60MB-120MB at this time.

There’s still one question mark on the downloader access for Shared folders – need a Google/Gmail account, or not? I guess, we’ll find out when I share the links… But everyone has a gmail account these days, right?


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