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Routing fixes’ Milestones

I’ve been contemplating how to share my progress and also show at what stage the fixings of each world is at. Since the blog is on a server and not self-hosted, there are limitations on what I can do in the widgets since I cannot install any and the post won’t accept any scripting in the html codes. Plus, any solution I decided on has to be simple and not too time-consuming to implement. Reporting the progress shouldn’t take me longer than installing an EP, for example. So, this is my method to work-around that limitation, while keeping it simple and still provide a good presentation.

I’ve added bars in the right sidebar for each world; each with a percentage that corresponds to the following milestone. Each milestone does not accurately portray the time and effort to reach it. It is just a quick visual way to tell you guys and for me too, to see where I’m at on any given world project.

What that means is that to reach the 5% milestone, I could spend any time between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the world’s Sims3Pack file or the Expansion pack, and the state of my system at that point of time. And to reach the 10% milestone, some worlds take days if the forums are full of reports, and then weeks for me to assimilate the information. If there are no reports, especially not any that gets my attention, it could be weeks, and months especially if I don’t go hunting. Which is why, in order to facilitate this gathering of issues – I designated a blog post where you guys can help me by reporting your issues – Routing issues – report here

0% Haven’t got it, haven’t touched it
2% World downloaded, (pack) installed and CAW CC framework setup
5% Initial analysis done; to get idea of how much work is involved & plan my time
10% World map ready; initial play-test and gathering issues
20% Major work commences;
50% Major work completed; testing commences and await feedback
80% Upload prep; gathering images etc
90% Uploaded & Published; in maintenance mode – answering questions in comments
95% Published; rework pending or in-progress from new issues identified; cycle restarts from 20% milestone once WIP commence for real
currently WIP has a RED border

So, then the question arose “Why are some of the worlds missing from the menu of the left sidebar?“.
Well, I’m kinda using that menu list as a reminder of my TO-DOs. Those worlds not listed need the comments in the download thread reviewed and the whole state of the fixes re-evaluated before I can determine the next action(s) needed for that particular world. Visually, all the ones that need this rework would have a black progress bar behind the blue, if the rework has started. If not, it’s just the black to show there have been reports of new issues; but I either haven’t done them or have done but not upload the changes.

9 replies on “Routing fixes’ Milestones”

Currently, looking into reports submitted for
– Sims University
– China

Oasis Landing work has commenced first week of the new year. But, I’m otherwise taking a break from major CAW-work to handle other stuff.

So, just for clarity, you go through all this twice? I mean, once through, then once again as a WIP? That sounds extremely difficult and time-consuming! Thank you for your efforts on the game’s behalf.

Thanks for stopping by, eriklover555. Hope you haven’t abandoned my blog by my delayed response…

Twice? Heh, I stopped counting.
But what is the “this” you’re referring to? The fixing itself? Or you meant the do-over? Or, the progress report widget here?

Do-overs are only done if enough reports warrant such an activity – like when I missed things, or messed things up, or more (new) issues get reported, etc.

As you can see, I’m so lame at keeping up with reporting progress, the fixes may be further along than is reported here. I hoped to correct that by uploading my WIP files to Github (lots of folks been asking for them), but I needed to see if that is alright first. Have asked the Gurus, but they haven’t responded. I have a feeling they cannot give a nay or yay, one way or another.
If you have the power or know of Simmers who always get responses from SimGurus via Twitter, maybe you can retweet my question…

Hello there!
Can you tell me where can I find the most up to date versions of and
Are the versions on MTS up to date?
Thank you!

Hi Ella, Just another SIMS 3 player expressing sincere appreciation for your efforts and time vested on the routing fixes you provide. I was hoping you could advise if you’re still actively working on these fixes (as time permit of course). Look forward to hearing from you and if you are not pursuing this anymore please know that your time and efforts have made an invaluable impact that words can’t possibly begin to describe.

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