Happy Patch Day!

Image courtesy of kassinova

Ah! Where do I begin? Fasten your seat belts…

Let’s see, The DVD retail has the patch at 1.62.153.
There’s an incremental to 1.63.4 from 1.57.62, which is one version higher than they have the DVD version. So looks like they caught something after the DVD was sent for printing.

But, here’s the kicker!
The Superpatcher is at 1.63.5. That’s why there’s a patch for the new EP Into the Future, before it is even released out to the wild.

So, Happy Patch Day, Simmers! It’s gonna be a fun and wild ride.

ps: I’m not releasing links in the Wiki until I test them and do those reports I do. At this time, only CAW is updated (on my system). Since the EP is not here yet, I have to edit the CAW INI in order to load that up. Stay tuned

update 1:

  1. Patch_Note_1.63 updated. Will have the formatted “Actual Changes” table(s) posted once I analyze if the report(s) jive with the number of files added, deleted and updated.
  2. CAW 1.19.6 loads just fine; even with all my WIPs. And no, I didn’t have to edit any INIs once I updated to 1.63.x. Doh! This issue¬† (i.e. needing INI edits) hasn’t recurred since 1.42 I believe.
  3. Games on 1.63.4 and 1.63.5 loads fine for me as well.  Clean user folders, of course. I tested with my basic overrides that never changed and they are A-OK too. My BaseOverrides subfolder consists only of the following, so I cannot speak for any other mods.
    • Buzz_AutoRoofDisabler.package
    • No_Line_DiE.package
    • NoBuildSparkles.package
    • nodrift_lowlevel.package
    • nointromaxis.package
  4. Tuning mods would most likely need updating, since this is an EP Patch. As there’s some Gameplay additions – to Interactions, Traits, Skills, etc etc.

update 2:

Patch_Note_1.63 updates complete, for now. I’m done with all the reports and testing. Check it out.


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