IslaParadiso Gallery of fixed Lots

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See what was done to each of these lots…

  • 3_Manzano_8f300527e43d7f0 : Adobe Abode, 11 Ocean View Road
    • The Lone Artist Household. Front door set.
  • 6_Alto_8f3005284fc98b0 : Luxury Villa, 1 Alto Road
    • Alto Household. Front door set to the main double doors facing the street. Set front of Lot. Platform on the right: I applied the pool wall paint to the platform facing the pool and the path leading up to the front door. I left the right side facing the driveway alone, as it has been painted with “Fully Framed Wall with Rivets” which I thought fitting for a driveway.

IPEdited Alto Platform

  • 5_Ichtaca_8f30051b70f18d0 : Castillo de Ichtaca, 1 Camino del Ray
    • Ichtaca Household. Fix 1. If you have Pets EP, small stray pets tend to spawn at the side of the lot (see image). I have painted all of that area of the lot with non-routing paint.
    • Fix 2. In order to be able to set the main door accessible to visitors, the vestibule area is enlarged. I’ve added archways to use as a visual indicator for this world as there are no disconnected Road Intersections for me to correct. The changes on the main floor is propagated to upper levels of the Lot, to ensure there are no gaps in the roofing, especially if you have Seasons.

IPEdited Ichtaca castle vestibule

IPEdited Ichtaca castle pets spawnage

  • 8_Hamada_8f3005343eb3f60 : The Spanish Queen, 7 Sea Spray Lane
    • Hamada Household. Set front of Lot. Front door already set is confirmed. Other then setting the front of the Lot, I didn’t change anything else, as my play testing show the household moving about, while controlling another Household, and Overwatch’s Stuck Check does not get triggered by this household much. But, then again I only let the game run for two Simweeks in each of my testing phases.
  • 13_Collins_8f300533282ebe0 : Colonial Casa, 76 Civic Center
    • Collins Household. Front door set.
  • 15_Alvarez_8f30051ae995e50 : The Modern Hideaway, Dry Land, Kraken Island
    • The Siren Household. Front door set on double door.
  • 18_Vidal_8f300533282ec00 : The Painted Lady, 74 Civic Center
    • Vidal Household. Front door set.
  • 25_HashiniGoldMat_8f30052bf12f680 : Holiday House – 25 Riviera Road
    • Babes on the Beach Household. Front door set. Deck to Front door expanded. Double-wide staircases moved to the right because somehow the Paper Boy refused go up the stairs to deliver the paper if the stairs were unchanged, and instead dropped the paper at the bottom of the hill to the right of the front door deck.

IPEdited BeachBabes deck

  • 52_StoryProgression_8f30052d7b71a60 : Modern Marvel, 10 Modern Mile
    • Unoccupied. Front door set. Front of Lot set. Front of Lot leveled with road and terrain’s rough pointy edges smoothen a tad. Lot was also “Conformed Edges” in CAW since the terrain was touched.

IPEdited Modern Marvel terrain

  • 54_StoryProgression_8f30051ae9960f0 : Personal Paradise, 9 Sea Spray Lane
    • Unoccupied. Front door set.
  • 63_SpaBistro_8f3005353628570 : Spa/Bistro Rabbithole, 10 Sunshine Street
    • Rabbithole. Trees and objects were most likely placed with [i]MoveObjects On[/i] cheat, I just moved them to be visible at ground level instead of underground. Small pets tend to get stuck at the edge of the Lot near the cliff falloff; area has been painted with non-routing.

IPEdited SpaBistro pets spawnage

  • 105_Starter_3a7a00554bd6f550 : Floating Fortress, docked at Pleasing Port
    • Unoccupied. Bathtub in the left bathroom was inaccessible. Bathroom rearranged to accommodate the Bathtub being turned around the correct way.

IPEdited Floating Fortress bathroom

  • 111_Port_8f300536f64ea00 : Port Pleasant, Surf Island
    • Unoccupied. A boulder and bush was moved to accommodate Sims going into the water without having to make one big round to reach the beach via the street.

IPEdited Port Pleasant blockage

Updates #1:

  • 17_Medina_8f300528d07cd10 : A Modern Folly, 65 Paradise Road
    • Medina. The pool ladder is blocking entrance to the pool via the garage doors. What I’ve done is to extend the room with the bar to accommodate the sliding doors’ footprints. Which necessitates the outcropping bit to be extended, too. So, the avalanche effect of this change is the pool is also now extended one extra tile on the left, the pool ladder moved to the side so as not to block the doors. I have spaced out the columns to be equidistant, and moved them one tile over to the left as well, which means the second level now gets a balcony above those columns. The spiral staircase is also rotated 25°.

Medina Pool

Updates #2:

  • 6_Alto_8f3005284fc98b0 : Luxury Villa, 1 Alto Road
    • Alto Household. Toilet on 2nd floor with the zebra double doors had the 2 walls torn down and door replaced.
  • 14_Dregg_3a7a005540d45f00 : Atlantis, docked at Picteresque Port
    • Dregg Household. Front door set.
  • 19_Rodel_8f3005343eb3ef0 : Casa del Sol, 17 Paradise Road
    • Rodel Household. Front door set. Front of Lot set. Teeny bit of tearing on edge with main road. Lot nudged a teeny tiny bit in CAW, Conformed Edges and so now terrain and Road has to be included in fixes file.
  • 63_SpaBistro_8f3005353628570 : Spa/Bistro Rabbithole, 10 Sunshine Street
    • Rabbithole. Also teeny tiny bit of Lot tearing on the side connected to road. Was originally nudged in the first version of fixes, but now each time I use EIG and export the edited Lots, the terrains that have been nudged appear to have bigger gaps in the tear. Gaps also started appearing in the adjacent sides.
  • 100_ResortModern_8f30052dc063ab0 : Sparkling Sands, 45 Paradise Road
    • Community Lot – Resort. One of the spiral staircases doesn’t appear to work, has been rotated. The other one appears OK.

IPEdited ResortModern

  • 101_ResortSpanish_8f30051ae996000 : La Costa Verde, 75 Fiesta Circle
    • Community Lot – Resort. Fences surrounding the trees on the 2 islands removed.

IPEdited ResortSpanish



  1. Thank You So Much For This Fix!!!

    I don’t understand didly about what you Genius people do, But boy do I appreciate it! So happy I can finally play this World… Thanks again!

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