Isla Paradiso

IslaParadiso Thumb (R)
Resources [@MTS]
.world [multipart @MTS]
.world [@Google Drive]
CAW wip files

27 thoughts on “Isla Paradiso

    1. Hi Ellacharmed. I just recently bought Isla Paradiso, and of course it has a lot of lag. I stumbled upon your website when looking for ways to fix it. After trying to download the multiple files, I read closer, and noticed that you had put the whole file onto google drive. Now that I’ve downloaded it from google drive, what is the next step? I have a mac os x and it is telling me that the file does not exist. Any suggestions? Or am I majorly overlooking something?
      Thank you for your time and dedication!

  1. Both resources and .world updated with changes to Medina Lot. Please redownload at MTS.
    Note that the bandwidth has been exceeded this month. Stats would reset each calendar month.

  2. Hello ellacharmed I would like to know If you can help me, I want to edit Isla Paradiso, so it is more compatible with the Midnight Sun Challenge. I had the inkling to do this because I would like a world that allows the discovery of uncharted islands so I can complete the games challenges, and I cannot seem to find an island that fits my requirements. In that event I downloaded your Island Paradise With Route fixes applied and your CAW files, An easy way I can think at the top of my head that is less permanent is to just start a new Isla Paradiso world and delete everything I don’t like plus use Nraas Mods Suite to achieve a deserted Island feel. Do you think that will work?

    My next option I am going to try as well is to import your CAW files to Create a World, I have no experience with it, but I’m pretty computer saavy, do you know where I can find full, detailed and complete tutorial for CAW? Thank you any help is will be graciously appreciated, thanks for your time and fixes ;-D

    1. Getting IslaParadiso into CAW: you can use my CAW files or also import the .world and then my fixes (or the fixed .world) and start from there, whichever you prefer. If you export this as a custom world, it would be less permanent each time you change the world name, thumbnail & description upon saving and exporting.

      As for the tutorial. I don’t think there’s a complete tutorial for CAW. It is not possible to cover all aspects of CAW in a tutorial, it is more of a learn-as-you-go-bumbling-about in the tool kinda thing. This is how I’m using it even today. 🙂
      Mainly because the issues you’re gonna face are going to differ on each world design. Each new world I fix, I learn something new.

      Start with EA’s own PDFs, learn all the toolbars and buttons first. Then search for anything specific that you want to learn via Forums or Youtube or blogs.
      If you get stuck, our community members @MTS’ CAW section are usually more than willing to answer questions.

      I’d advise to play around in CAW with a tiny island and to start using it – create some aspect of the world that you envision. Play around with the water and terrain levels. With bridges, with routing paint. Export it, play-test it. Then you’d see what issues are on this throwaway world. Then you’d know just what to do or not do in your actual project world.

      Good Luck! Can’t wait to see what you come up with…

      1. Getting IslaParadiso into CAW: you can use my CAW files or also import the .world and then my fixes (or the fixed .world) and start from there, whichever you prefer. If you export this as a custom world, it would be less permanent each time you change the world name, thumbnail & description upon saving and exporting.

        Sorry that last part is confusing me a little; can you please clarify a little more for me?
        I know you’re right and I’m going to take your advice and learn how to fiddle with it first before overwhelming myself with such a huge project! Thank you for the support and I’m excited to see what I come up with too!

  3. I fixed the formatting for you…

    One phrase I took away from your comment is the “less permanent”. So, to keep changing the world and play-test different versions of it is to keep Saving it under a different name, both in CAW and in Windows Explorer. And in order to tell them apart, you can just edit the Description and have a different thumbnail.

    As an example, this is what I have. All ready for when I need them. I have used them to test out different versions of the fixes, each differing by something like an extra mouse-click in #version1, or totally nudging the road over in #version2, and so on.
    CAW wip thumbs

    1. Thats alrighty ella. I understand, though the reason for that comment: I was under the impression that you cannot import a saved game into CAW; if I made changes in-game they would remain in that save only etc. BUT I have since found out that someone was able to achieve this from what I’m reading in a forum; even though the process was not explained very clearly. At this point I just want to delete the roads in Isla Paradiso. When I have the time I could start reading up on info in Modthesims Create section. For now if their is a simple solution to deleting roads, would you please be able to explain it to me? Or maybe even explain exporting a save into CAW? Since there currently isn’t a way to delete them in-game…

  4. EIG via CAW don’t work for you?

    Deleting roads is easy, if they are all on one layer, you can just delete that layer. As long as there’s no other stuff on that layer that you want to keep. Or, do the manual delete of one road at a time. It would take a longer time, but you have control of the precision.

    Depending on what you want, has a Lite version, and an unpopulated version.

    And no, importing Save into a CAW project is not working…I’ve tried. I have nothing to report as yet, as there’s been nothing successful to report. It works on import, and by that I mean I didn’t get any errors or issues. But I can’t install the exported sims3pack. There’s something that I may have missed. I might get back to this one of these days.

    1. [quote]EIG via CAW doesn’t work for you?[/quote] Yes I edited the world in game, if that is what you mean. I’m just not satisfied with the roads for now, and maybe do a some major editing when I understand what I’m really doing like you said ;-p Thanks for the links ella! ;-D

  5. It took me a while to find the worlds files and folders as they are not “searchable” on the Mac and no one really wrote something about it. Now that I found it, I’m sharing it for all the Mac users out there!

    The path is Macintosh HD/Applications/The Sims 3.localized/The Sims 3 Island Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 Island Paradise/GameData/Shared/NonPackaged/Worlds

    The trick is to right click on the “The Sims 3” symbol in the applications folder and click “Show Package Contents” (same as soon as you’ve found the Island Paradise icon).

    1. Thank you for sharing that, Julie.

      …and no one really wrote something about it…

      But if I may point out, the path has been published on the SimsWiki that I kept linking to in the download threads @MTS. If you haven’t done so, I’d strongly advise to give the Game Help:World Routing Lags wiki pages a read. Here’s the link to the specific page that mentions the path to the world files on both Windows and OSX systems: Game Help:World Routing Lags/Where

      You’d, of course, adjust the paths accordingly for each world from an EP as appropriate.

      It simply saddens me that no one appears to read these wiki pages that I work so hard on…

  6. I just wanted to say thank you very much for releasing the Google Drive version. I could never figure out how to do the multi part one, even if my life depended on it. I just downloaded it the other day, and have noticed an almost 100% improvement. I did have to change one of the pregnant women’s shirt to maternity, and do a little adjustment to one of the houses, but other than that, it’s perfect. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    1. You purchase from Origin or Steam? Does it run when you double-click on the icon?
      Also, if you could answer the same questions I asked of James above? That’d also help me help you…

  7. When I try to extract Isla Paradiso 1-8 into the EA/Sims3/EP10/Gamedata/Shared/NonPackaged/Worlds It says that there is already a file with that name and if I want to replace it. In other words I can only extract one file, the others just want to write over the previous. So I’m really at a loss here. I first tried extracting directly into the Sims 3 download folder after renaming each file, but when extracting 2 it said I needed 3, for 3 I needed 4 and so on. I hope you can explain what I’m doing wrong. Thanks

    1. I hope you can explain what I’m doing wrong.

      So here goes…
      problem 1:

      there is already a file with that name and if I want to replace it.

      tells me you have not done STEP 1.

      problem 2:

      the others just want to write over the previous.

      have you done the renaming portion of STEP 2?

      Easier way:
      1. Read first
      2. download the .world file instead of the multiparts
      3. rename the original so you don’t get the “want to replace?” question
      4. copy and paste the downloaded .world file into the world’s game path

  8. I’ve been looking at everyone’s fixes for Isla Paradiso but I don’t know computer lingo and am completely confused. Is there something I can just download like custom content that will fix the game?

  9. Hi Ellacharmed.

    I want to thank you for The Isla Paradiso World Fix. It really improved my experience. Thank you so much

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