How I update the LifetimeRewards mod

I’ve completed all the updates for all flavors to 1.55 version. Just need to organize the images and package them up.

Here’s a video of a portion of the process, if you’re interested. This is basically an exercise for me to learn video capture, editing and publishing with voice narration. All my previous videos had no audio. I have a few videos in the pipeline for the the more techy stuff that a lot of folks are having issues with, and the wiki articles never seemed to get read. Sad face.

My next ones in the works, are (not in any order)

  1. using Process Monitor as a troubleshooting tool
  2. using CC Magic as a troubleshooting tool
  3. Specs and the minimum requirements explained
  4. How to edit the .sgr files

If you have any questions, as always I’m willing to answer them. Comment below or on the YouTube channel. Or, if you have a request on what videos you want me to do, also let me know. Technical ones, though as there are enough “Let’s Play” vids out there, don’t you think?


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