Routing issues – report here.

Gang, I’m not gonna be able to spend as much time as I did in all my other routing fixes. I think that has been the greatest stumbling block I couldn’t overcome – TIME – or rather the poor job I’m doing of managing it (also working on it, by the way). I no longer play the game to be able to see what the issues are. These days, I only load the game to test my stuff – mods and such. Yes, still disenchanted. I thought Island Paradise might get me over the hump. But, alas…

So, until my situation changes, I need YOUR Help!

Tell me of areas that need fixes. Comment here, or PM me on MTS, or Tweet me
– with the world (game’s and Store’s) and Lot name or the general area, or
– link to the images of the spot(s) showing the issue

An example is that I received a PM informing me of issues to look out for, like the spot in front of the City Hall in Sunlit Tides where sometimes Sims got off their vehicles and then jump back in further down the road, or the road intersections are not linked, and so on. Or, I get a link to a blog post like Crinrict’s Routing Issues in the Resort Hobart’s Hideout. These are the cases that I don’t see, when I’m staring at the world in CAW just looking at blue and yellow routing paint, so these are the ones I might skip as I’m unaware of them since I don’t play the game anymore.

Without such help, I’m afraid the fixes may be later than never. Or, if you want to pick it up (ie offer the routing fixes yourself) but don’t feel confident or have questions, drop me a note and I’ll be a mentor/tutor and guide you through on how I do it and answer your questions. You can then create your own procedures if mine is too long-winded. Whatever. As long as I’m not the only one the community is relying on for these darn fixes.

Just, help me help you…please…I cannot do this alone!


I have a few questions, for you all to test and come back with the status, if you would.
I’m trying to collect statistics if a certain combo is affecting it or it occurs for a specific houseboat no matter where it is docked at. So if you get routing glitches like Sim getting off the boat at one spot and swimming around a port to get to the other side of the port and then travel one big round to the port deck stairs. Also, if this round-trip wackadoo is also happening when the houseboat is at sea? ie Sim aims for a spot to get off the boat/jetski, but then he swims around the houseboat to enter it but still from the same spot

  1. are these issues occurring only with EA default Houseboat/Lot ? which one? or, custom Houseboats/Lot – self-made or downloaded?
    1. or is the issue gone with custom designed Port but an EA Houseboat?
    2. or is it an issue with the port and the Houseboat does not matter?
  2. are the routing issues / glitches replicable (is that a word?) or maybe this is better: can you replicate this issue again with these changed variables, ie does the same glitchy-thing happen if we change out one thing like –
    1. same port, same household, but different houseboat
    2. same port, same houseboat, but different household
    3. same houseboat, same household, but different port


  1. Right, guys. Still no bites?
    Just to let you know if everyone is thinking “someone else would do it”, I get the grand total (so far) of one report for Sunlit Tides, one report for WA: China, one report for Starlight Shores and one report for Isla Paradiso. Not really a barrage of information there. In private via PMs, in the past.

    Which is why I started this so everyone can see just what a deluge of help I get during the initial “fixing” process. :-p Nada, zilch, zero. Which is partly why there have been so much delays if I have to do everything myself. Once it’s published and I get “HALP! I get stuck at this spot” reports are not counted in the count, because then their games are now affected, ain’t it? And if they don’t report it, they can’t play.

    • Hi!

      I thought I’d just drop a line since I just found your post here.

      I wanted to say how much I’ve appreciated your work on the routing fixes for the maps you have done in the past. When I tried to learn to do it myself (to try to fix up some of the issues with University) I realised how tricky it is, and it made me appreciate your efforts all the more.

      I wish I could offer you assistance but I’m not really in a position to right now. (And I can’t even report stuff cos I’m mostly spending my limited time building not playing cos IP is such a bug fest).

      Best of luck, and I hope you soon get a chance to play the game not just fix it for others.

  2. I’m having lots of routing issues with IP, I’m getting about 16 plus NPCs within the IP town that claims to have “unroutable” issues with MasterController/Overwatch. The thing is I noted down the names of those sims and then with MasterController went into a few homes to peek and the sim who came up as “unroutable” seemed ok at the time I was peeking. Does it help if I give NPC names? This seems like such a hard thing to pinpoint since the sim who pops up technically might not have been on his/her home lot when the “routing issue” occurred. The only thing is I noticed game lag and I’d guess it’s due to these issues. So far I”m doing “reset town” but it really seems like a band-aid.

    • I think it is sufficient at this time for you to keep the names and then check-in with these same Sims again when the fixes are applied. I might have some preliminary early fixes released next week…just the first pass of plugging in the routing holes and such, if I get some uninterrupted PC time this weekend.

      • Ok. I do know I went in and deleted the Scott Family houseboat and I fixed the chair at the firepit in Hobarts Hideout already in case those could be some of the issues. I couldn’t locate the darn roach spawners at Hobarts Hideout, what EP did they come with as I couldn’t even see them listed under my spawners in buydebug? I also went into the lot someone mentioned above with the bathtub in the wrong direction and corrected that too. I mean gesh, one never knows where a NPC sim could be incurring the routing issues. It’s just annoying as it does appear to be bogging down my saved file.

  3. […] What that means is that to reach the 5% milestone, I could spend any time between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the world’s Sims3Pack file or the Expansion pack, and the state of my system at that point of time. And to reach the 10% milestone, some worlds take days if the forums are full of reports, and then weeks for me to assimilate the information. If there are no reports, especially not any that gets my attention, it could be weeks, and months especially if I don’t go hunting. Which is why, in order to facilitate this gathering of issues – I designated a blog post where you guys can help me by reporting your issues – Routing issues – report here […]

  4. So I’ve been familiarising myself with CAW in hopes of being able to assist in this project… but I’ve run into a problem.
    I can’t for the life of me, get two roads to connect, or a road to connect to an intersection. I was wondering if you could point me to a more detailed tutorial for laying down roads in CAW. (Most that I’ve found gloss over how exactly to connect roads, and it does seem as if it should be a pretty simple process, I just can’t get it to work.)

  5. I remember referring to the official CAW forums for some Road tutorials; there’s a thread maintained by auntielynds. If you have issues when following some instructions, I’d suggest to post in that thread… 😉

    Or, even in a CAW forum, either on MTS or whereever there’s active CAW forumers. Esp, if it is not any tutorial-specific-type of question.

    • Ta, thanks I’ll have another go and see if I can ask a specific question on a forum related to one of the tutorials I’ve been following.

  6. Ah! Just found this!

    I’d like to start providing input, and I was looking for where it would be most useful to report it. I don’t HAVE input yet, but that’s because I haven’t been recording my issues. I will be doing that from here on out.

  7. Compiling my ToDo list:
    – Moonlight Falls:
    – RHs too close to lot edge issue: still a problem? affect ALL worlds? see and
    – WA worlds: especially China’s Dragon Springs, Hot Springs and undo riverbank “un-routing” in all 3
    – Isla Paradiso: Greenbeard’s Fishing Spot, Medina house need crib? , spawners in unroutable areas

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