FAQ guides gone AWOL?

  • Are there gaps in the simswiki FAQ guides or elsewhere on the ‘net that leave you bewildered in how to do stuff?
  • Is there some topic that is still not yet covered by a HowTo guide on the WWW?
  • Or, the articles are too generic, and you need a Sims-specific slant?
  • Or, the articles are too technical, and you need a version in layman’s terms?

Yes, this is your chance to submit a request for a How To. After all, we never stop learning, do we. In an unprecedented and never to be repeated move, I’m offering you a chance to speak up! And let the world know that

Yes! Damn it! Where is the “How to to eat a Banana for Breakfast” FAQ? I need that, like yesterday, people!

So, let me know, and if I know enough about the subject matter to teach anyone about it, the reasons are compelling enough and that the FAQ would help, I’d consider it. Leave a comment here or on my Guestbook @MTS. If you can also let me know why the existing one is lacking (if there is one), that would be a great help, so I don’t fall into the same sinkhole.