Riverview Thumb (R)
Riverview Thumb (W)
.world (multipart @MTS)
Riverview Thumb (W)
.world (@Google Drive)







Update Dec 1, 2013
Download the run.bat file to “open” the .world file that allows you to import the resources.


10 thoughts on “Riverview

  1. I have a Mac and I can’t figure out how to apply the Riverview fixes to my game. I was able to use the Sunset Valley resources because they’re .package files. Do you have something like that for Riverview too?

    1. That’s why I posted the .world file. 🙂 It’s in the Box.com Shared folder. Once the Upload Wizard is up again @MTS, and if I’m allowed to, I’ll post it there.

      If you can figure out how to use s3pe on a Mac to do Sunset Valley’s fixes, you’ve 1-up all the others who can’t or won’t. Figuring out the run.bat and s3rc.exe is a snap after that.

      1. I know this is a bit in the past but I heard you are the one to speak to with regard to route fixes, my friends and I would like to know if you could please, please, please make a route fixer for Isla Paradiso please let me know what you answer is

    1. 6. From my blog: The run.bat file from my blog’s sidebar in the Box.com widget; in the Worlds folder.

      Should I re-phrase the above text into point form?

      • See Sidebar.
      • Look for the Box widget.
      • Click on Worlds folder in this Box widget.

      Is it there?
      Is that easier to follow?

  2. Hi there I heard you are the person to ask for Route Fixes, well my friends and I were wondering if you could please, please, please make a route fixer for Isla Paradiso in the Sims 3 we would really appreciate it thanks and let me know what you answer is please we like really need it

  3. When placing lots I always seem to get “unroutable terrain” and “cannot place on roads”. Will this new world of yours allow me to place lots on these spots?

    1. Is this via the in-game World-editor?
      Or via CAW?

      If via the in-game World-editor, might depend on the spot. If it is painted as unroutable, might be disabled by default. *Are* you trying to place it too close to the road edge? All lot sizes result in same error? Even the smallest one?

      If in CAW tool, show me a pic.

      Or…actually, either way, show me a screenshot. Easier to picture what troubles you’re encountering.

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