Riverview Thumb (R)
Riverview Thumb (W)
.world (multipart @MTS)
Riverview Thumb (W)
.world (@Google Drive)







Update Dec 1, 2013
Download the run.bat file to “open” the .world file that allows you to import the resources.



  1. I have a Mac and I can’t figure out how to apply the Riverview fixes to my game. I was able to use the Sunset Valley resources because they’re .package files. Do you have something like that for Riverview too?

    • That’s why I posted the .world file. 🙂 It’s in the Box.com Shared folder. Once the Upload Wizard is up again @MTS, and if I’m allowed to, I’ll post it there.

      If you can figure out how to use s3pe on a Mac to do Sunset Valley’s fixes, you’ve 1-up all the others who can’t or won’t. Figuring out the run.bat and s3rc.exe is a snap after that.

      • I know this is a bit in the past but I heard you are the one to speak to with regard to route fixes, my friends and I would like to know if you could please, please, please make a route fixer for Isla Paradiso please let me know what you answer is

    • 6. From my blog: The run.bat file from my blog’s sidebar in the Box.com widget; in the Worlds folder.

      Should I re-phrase the above text into point form?

      • See Sidebar.
      • Look for the Box widget.
      • Click on Worlds folder in this Box widget.

      Is it there?
      Is that easier to follow?

  2. Hi there I heard you are the person to ask for Route Fixes, well my friends and I were wondering if you could please, please, please make a route fixer for Isla Paradiso in the Sims 3 we would really appreciate it thanks and let me know what you answer is please we like really need it

  3. When placing lots I always seem to get “unroutable terrain” and “cannot place on roads”. Will this new world of yours allow me to place lots on these spots?

    • Is this via the in-game World-editor?
      Or via CAW?

      If via the in-game World-editor, might depend on the spot. If it is painted as unroutable, might be disabled by default. *Are* you trying to place it too close to the road edge? All lot sizes result in same error? Even the smallest one?

      If in CAW tool, show me a pic.

      Or…actually, either way, show me a screenshot. Easier to picture what troubles you’re encountering.

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