Sunset Valley

.world (multi-part @MTS)
.world (@Google Drive)


  1. Hi. I really like your job with the world fixes and would like to use the .bat thing you mentioned in MTS-site how ever it gives me the “There are no files in this folder.” when I try to get it from that box widget thing you have here. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I’m new at this fixing thing ;P

  2. For Riverview? You don’t need that file for Sunset Valley.

    Box has a bandwidth cap that can no longer sustain the download traffic. I forgot to move that over to the Google Drive, so thank you for your comment.

    I’ve updated the Riverview post on this blog as well as on MTS (the Riverview resource thread) with the run.bat link. Remember that you still need Pescado’s Recompressor @MATY. Without that, the run.bat file is useless.

    Thanks again!

    • Thank you so much! 😀 yeah, it seems I goofed a bit and left my comment on the wrong place but still thank you so much!

  3. Hi. I tried out the Sunset Valley world fix today, the Google Drive .world version. For some reason, there are random sims that do not ship with the game all over the map, living in empty fields, and when I checked the service NPCs, I found that one premade repairwomen ( has been deleted.

    Normally some of these premades get deleted within seconds of the game starting, I always pause the splitsecond the game starts at 8 AM and use mods to add these service NPCs to the relationship panel, preventing deletion. This repairwomen was already gone without the game even starting (The Grim Reaper being generated, which happens in the first second or so, is a telltale sign the game has “started”, he is generated, not pre-made)

  4. I had a further look, seems those random sims are all the dead people from the graveyard, and the goth/crumplebottom houses. I assume you had to pull them out of the graves?

    But yeah, the repairwoman I mentioned is fully deleted from the game

    • Okay, the household that contains the ghosts from the goth house (minus Lolita) is VERY broken. The map view shows all four as human sims, family trees and Master Controller both show Simon as being dead, if you look at the house, none of the sims are there, despite the game saying they are. The house cannot be played or switched to, evicting the household and placing them anywhere will cause three of the sims to appear, but Simon is completely absent.

  5. Look great Ella thanks for fixing Sunset Valley I’ve seen no lag so far.

    And As for what Devalaous is talking I’ve that before that’s what happens when you have Nraas Traveler Mod and don’t follow proper procedure. It’s obvious too me that he first looked at another world before checking Sunset Valley but failed to use Traveler’s Ingame options. Instead what he did was he left the world he was first in and went to Sunset Valley from the Main Menu which is the wrong thing to do cause you will see some pretty strange things if you do it that way.
    If you going to start a different game with Sunset Valley or any other world for that matter from your current one you need to Exit the Game clear caches and then reload and go Sunset Valley or any other world.

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