Dreaded patch Tuesdays are here again

I have always dreaded Tuesdays, since I started Simming, not helped by Microsoft either. So, today’s big news?

EA released patch 1.47. Yes, 2 weeks early or this is the next SP’s associated patch as shipped in the DVD retail versions? And CAW reportedly is at 1.18.7. Yes, for the sake of SCIENCE! I have downloaded them both and sacrificed my PC as a guinea pig.

Haven’t gone in-game to check what mayhem lies in store yet, but out-of-the-box, CAW 1.18.7 won’t run with 1.47. It would be OK with 1.42, however.

The reason? This is not a new issue, we have certainly encountered this before, didn’t we?
Well, I can’t say if they forgot to update the INIs, as I don’t have an in with EA nor am I privy to their plans, but these files have entries for 1.42 not 1.47. Maybe there’s to be another patch in 2 weeks with the upcoming Stuff Pack? And another CAW to go with that? Because, frankly, the 1.47 patch notes is a tad sparse, yanno?

In order to run CAW 1.18.7 with base game patch 1.47.6, you just need to edit the 2 INI files:

  1. Default.ini
  2. Worldbuilder.ini

to have the same values as the Default.ini in the base game’s path. All shown in the Patch Table’s Talk page @SimsWiki.

The values in the red boxes have to match in order for CAW to load.

As usual, if you are not one to troubleshoot things, hold off updating until things have calmed down. There may yet be a corrected version later in the week, or 2 weeks when the next SP is in stores…

I’m off to check if my WIP worlds can load…off to the Ella-cave!



  1. I can’t read your images because the image is too small on my system. I had trouble witht he 1.47 patch killing my CaW. The real trouble started after I contacted EA support. Eight hours later and nothing worked, nothing at all. Then the Ea Support rep I was speaking with went home and left me with a mess. I fixed the problem on my own.

    • Um, you have a big monitor and high resolution? How big do you need it to be? Did you click on it? The image is 1280×680.

      Well, EA Support Reps don’t work 24/7. 😉

      Glad problem is fixed for you, though.

      • My screen is 1920 X 1080. The resolution is fine, but my system only allows the standard width of the website. Today, I zoomed in on the post image at 300+ and was able to read what was on the image. (I should have thought to do that sooner.)

        I wish EA did work 24/7. Guess, I am spoiled by those companies that do. I remember the days of “Uninstall and Reinstall” and don’t miss them at all. The EA rep told me that it is no longer necessary to uninstall the expansions, only the base need be reinstalled. Learning this was almost worth the eight hours.

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