CAW 1.18.7 status [update 1.18.8 released]

CAW 1.18.7 works with base game patch 1.47.6. So does the other parts that went bonkers in 1.42/CAW 1.18.5.

You just need to edit the INIs as I wrote in the previous blog post, and CAW will load.

The other components of creating and finishing a custom world also works for me. As the image gallery demonstrates:

  • EIG loads OK
  • editing in EIG went fine
  • saving when in EIG went off without a hitch
  • saving and exporting in CAW was also OK
  • installing in Launcher does not need the crazy workaround as the .world file was created just fine in InstalledWorld folder
  • subsequent loading of Launcher still retains the world install, it did not disappear
  • installed world showed up fine in New Game list in-game
  • changes done in EIG showed up just fine!

I hereby declare all is alright in the CAW world! 🙂
One thing I didn’t test is to upload it to the Exchange, I’ll leave that to you guys.

[update Jan 10th]
They released 1.18.8. So you shouldn’t need to do the INI edits anymore. Well, until next time it happens again. 😛 md5check cawtool

4 thoughts on “CAW 1.18.7 status [update 1.18.8 released]

  1. I should note that due to the nature of working on EA worlds (both default and Store), I have the advantage of starting from scratch and reimport a .world file based on the Editing PreMade worlds thread on MTS and reimport whatever resources I had fixed & completed up to that point.

    I always export my WIP resources to be reimported, because I know the game works better when you start over from scratch each time you patch, so as to “trigger” whatever changes the patch supposedly fix. Just like New Saves work better than pre-patch Saves after patching.

    So, your custom WIP worlds might work better if you create a New, blank world and reimport, rather than simply re-using a world already saved and possibly messed-up by patch BG-1.42 & CAW-1.18.5. Or, clean up the Global Layer.

    …Just a couple of suggestions, if EIG still crashed on you on 1.18.7.

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