A breakthrough! Riverview fixes now with visual indicators

RV moved railings BeforeGot my head out of the doldrums while doing the Rabbithole wiki pages. It’s when I do menial, repetitive copy+pasting work that I think. With the running around I do over the last 2 months, hardly had some quiet time to myself.

If you recall, the holdout on the Riverview fixes being published (well, apart from CAW being a douche), is that I had no way of including any methods for all of us to tell if the fixes are “Live” in game. Well, I figured it out now.

It was all very stupid, really. The moved objects were not retained in a CAW Save, because the CC objects that I downloaded (done by Simsample and Calislahn @MTS) were not decrapified. As the Sims3Pack and thus the world was decrapified, the CC that were not decrapified was not recognized. A Doh! moment of epic proportions, let me tellya.

So, here are the Before and new After images.

Testers, MovedObjects.7z file has already been uploaded. You’ll get a more comprehensicve set of instructions in your PM inbox. Test at will. Thank you!


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