Do you want to be a tester for my world fixes?

Here’s 4 ways to get on board:

  1. Via MTS:
    • Leave a comment with your MTS username and I’ll PM you a link to the Testing folder.
    • If you wish to remain private and anonymous and don’t want to leave a comment publicly here, PM me directly on MTS with the subject line “I want to be a World Pilot Tester!
  2. If you don’t have an MTS user account or you’d prefer to get it by email, leave a comment using the email address you want to be contacted via and I’ll email you the link.
    • If you wish to remain private and anonymous and don’t want to leave a comment publicly here, you can still leave a comment here but let me know you don’t wish for that comment to be published, but just want to let me have your email address
    • Emails will be from [mymtsusername] @, so be sure to add me into your contacts or check your Junk/Spam box.
  3. You can also email me directly if you so wish, at the above email with that same subject line: “I want to be a World Pilot Tester!
  4. Via Tweeter:
    • Follow me on Tweeter and send me a tweet, and I’ll Direct Message you the link.
    • Follow me on Tweeter and Direct Message me if you wanna remain anonymous.

Prerequisites to be a world fixes tester:

  1. Have the time and patience to deal with lots of loading and quitting Sims 3 and doing boring repetitive work
  2. Have used my world fixes before by using s3pe to import into the .world files yourself. Or, if you have only been using the .world files directly but are willing to learn, here’s your chance to pick up a new skill
  3. Have the EPs and/or Store worlds already. Not necessary to have all of them, just the ones you’re interested to test
  4. Know how to decrapify store stuff and use s3pe to import the resources, without explicit instructions from me
  5. Know your way around Windows Explorer/Finder, without explicit instructions from me
  6. Know how to troubleshoot Sims 3, without explicit instructions from me
  7. Yes, does not matter if you’re on Windows or OSX or Linux, as long as you know how to use your computer, Recompressor, and s3pe on your platform, you qualify!

You’ll most likely get the resources weeks in advance via the Testing folder (that you’ll receive the link to privately from the above communication), even while they are in the WIP stage. Or, at the very latest, while I’m drafting the upload post on MTS.

I’ll update my Tweeter feed when the private “Testing” folder has new updates. It won’t be limited to just the Store world, I’ll probably dump all my WIPs on there while I work on them. As long there’s space to hold them all…

There’s a caveat here – this in no way, shape or form represent a direct route to gain access to me to ask me Sims or Tech Help questions. Please use the MTS forums for that.

Although, if you encounter issues while doing this testing, I’ll try my best to answer, but it must be a 2-way street. My instructions won’t be on a “newbie” level with this Pilot/Alpha/Beta/Whateveryouwannacallem Testers. And you should be able to give me concise, and relevant feedback without me having to dig through and having to explicitly ask questions.

Communication would be via MTS PMs or Google Talk or Tweets.
So, what are you waiting for? Come ON, then!

Psst! The Riverview resources are already uploaded on there!

4 thoughts on “Do you want to be a tester for my world fixes?

  1. Hullo! I decided to start looking into Lunar Lakes more seriously over the past little while, and when/if you tackle that one I’d love to take a crack at debugging and beta-ing your route fixes, especially since that world has some of the most horrifying glitches (one the route that leads up to the dead volcano or whatever, there are not one but *two* breaks in the road route that require sims to get out of their cars and then jump back in).

    MTS profile is linkied.

    1. Welcome. I don’t restrict by worlds for the moment. You’d have access to the whole Testing folder and all my WIPs. Currently working on Twinbrook do-over and Sunlit Tides.

      I’ll PM you the link when I next logon MTS. I just logged off for the day. 🙂

      And thank you for volunteering!

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