Do you know: how to tell if CAW has been updated?

Is there a way to see if CAW has been updated without uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling the newly-redownloaded version?

I saw that question the other day. I might have paraphrased it a tad to make it more readable/understandable for the purpose of this post. I forgot from which forum/thread/post I read that on though, but most likely it is this one.

Well, there is a way…Read on to find out!

What you need

What you do

There are of course various MD5 checksum tools out there, but I like this one because it supports drag and drop and can also compile all the checksums into one text file.

So, here’s what you do. After you have downloaded and extracted it, start it up (it does not need installation, just double-click on the exe). Then, simply drag the various worldtool.exe files in to the application window. That’s it!

Simply compare the Current MD5 column. If they are identical, means they are the same version. The image (click on it to view a bigger version) shows the checksums for all the versions that I have since I began downloading and keeping an archive for them for rolling back purposes. Just like when issues like the 1.42 debacle happens.

Why is this method reliable?

Well, MD5 is a type of algorithm (aka hash function) used in cryptography, used to verify a file’s integrity. And thus, is useful to compare the result of said function to see if the program creates the same string each time, especially after transmissions across the WWW. Just like no two humans can have the same fingerprints, so is the MD5 checksum. Each file has a unique string.

If a file download is cut off, and the file is incomplete, the string would be different than when you generate the MD5 from a complete file. This is the reason, this MD5 checksum is included in most Downloads’ descriptive text.

The algorithm is of course not infallible. And there are more complicated algorithms out there in the field of cryptography. But for our purposes on checking program versions, this is a less complicated method than having to uninstall and reinstall each time just to open the worldbuilder.ini file, isn’t it?

So…now you know!



  1. Wow, there are so many world creators unable to offer updates for Seasons until that nasty CAW bug has been fixed. Wish Maxis was still small and untouched. For now, I anxiously await the updated versions for Sunset Valley 6.0 and Union Cove. And your next load of fixes of course. Monte Vista could be a nice project, Maxis made a mountain after all.

    By the way, is it actually possible to use your improved routing maps on SV6.0 you think? Since the underlying terrain never changed…

    • is it actually possible to use your improved routing maps on SV6.0 you think?

      Sure, if it is based on the original with no changes done to it. It is why I released the Resource only version and the .world version, yanno. 😉

      Caveat is, the user-modified Sunset Valley has no added/edited Lots or other world objects that may mean the routing paint from the original Sunset Valley won’t be accurate anymore. You could still apply it and then bring it back into CAW per the “Editing pre-made” thread’s method and then run the “Rebuild Routing Data” command. Which is why this step is best done by the world creator/modifier in CAW, instead of the downloader.

      To be honest though, I haven’t tested any of the world fixes with any “user-modified Saves based on an original EA world”, yet, like SV6.0. With some users’ reports of their Saves not having fixes applied, I may have to knuckle down and test it myself.

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