Go offline and get back to basics

Well, it wasn’t voluntary in my case. RIP WRT54G!

The old WRT54G was a good router in its heyday. It’s still the router of choice for those with B/G networks in fact, and the price is still pretty stable if you can still buy it new at certain places. And since it came with the cable package, it was a good deal. Similar to the new package we upgraded to, with the router and modem cost included in the monthly payments for the 2-year contract. But the router this time is not such a good steal. 2 weeks it took them to schedule a tech to come and hook up the new router and modem! Would have been faster if the customer is allowed to bring the stuff home and fix it ourselves.Ā  šŸ™„Ā  Not to mention saving the $$ for the installation fee.

Well, apart from

  • not getting my daily news delivered to my device(s),
  • not downloading CyanagonMod-10 Alphas/Betas/Nightlies,
  • not getting daily Sim fix and answer Help threads @MTS, and being out of the loop of all Sim-related happenings, and
  • not being able to research stuff when I get stuck;

things couldn’t have been timed better.

Great timing

‘Cos, as I was away most times going back and forth with my Aunt to her chemo treatments; busy running around with 2, read that TWO(!) of my cousins getting married on the next 2 weekends back-to-back, and getting earfuls of complaints, bitching and whining; I felt the downtime of being 100% offline only when I get home.

At least those going to work still have the option to be online at their respective offices. I should go upgrade my old phone to a Smartphone one of these days so I don’t need to remember to bring my tablet around in my purse. Or, get a bigger purse! *Nods. (Any excuse for more shopping is a good excuse). Oh wait! Maybe I should get a newer, smaller 7″ tablet instead.Ā I’ve been delegated to the junk heap and get the old, discarded phones when people upgrade since for years now I couldn’t decide on the phone I want to get without it costing $600-$800, which is ridiculous in my opinion. But that’s another blog post – “Ella’s quest on getting a phone”, …or something…

Surviving while offline

Being offline, the whole family spend more time watching the same show on the same TV (versus each of us on our personal monitors streaming our own shows), back to fighting over the remote on whose turn it was to control and choose the shows to watch. Until the inevitable squabbling ensues and then drift back to play games separately on their devices again. Might also incur higher bills for using up the 3G data plan while @home. Ah! The good old days…

WiFi devices have become so ubiquitous in our households these days. Perhaps we should all have a week of offline per month to curtail the “each doing own thing, on their own device” and bring the family together. Of course, the no devices at meals rule is still in force no matter wifi or no wifi.

I had been following Paul Miller’s Offline series on theverge.com, and a few of the things he encountered really bought the stuff closer to home when you encounter them first-hand yourself. Things that I managed to do while being offline includes

  • turning back to watching good old Television instead of watching the timesuck that is Youtube,
  • reading the (real) newspaper (vs the online version),
  • getting to my ToBeRead pile of books, and organizing my Calibre library while I’m it,
  • making sure my LastPass and KeePass data is all updated and current
  • housekeeping Firefox bookmarks

I don’t feel like I’m “missing out” exactly, to use Paul’s terms, since I was busy dealing with other stuff. But I do feel getting back online is hard now that you have other activities to occupy your time. I’ve also never been “socially active” on Twitter or Facebook or IM chats and the like, so the fact that I was cut off from the Internet was hard only the first couple of days. And only for MTS/Wiki stuff since I have responsibilities there, but not so much for the blog or Twitter since I just started on those.

Sims-related TODOs

I still won’t be around much to Sim or work on the worlds until the 1st week of Dec. Or maybe 2nd week. There might be another cousin getting engaged on the 9th (of Dec) which was as out of the blue news as it could get. But I may not be as involved with that one as these 2 prior ceremonies, so we’ll see. Must be the crazy 12 in 2012! Jee-wheez!

Now, what mayhem can I stir up with a Wireless N networking access…?Ā  8)



  1. Okay, I give. This is way more insane then normal for you even. Even without internet access you’ve been running up the walls.

    Anyway, I’m going to say what I normally say when you talk about how busy your life is. šŸ˜‰ Take your time on anything computer or Sims related, because real life should always come first. This time of year is busy for everyone, so if anyone complains (even if it’s your own mind!!), then tell you’ll spend time on it when you can. Weddings are a PITA so have lots of fun with that. Somehow or another, whenever someone I know gets married, I end up being the MOH. I think it’s because of the fact that I’ve been sewing wedding party outfits (for brides, rinbgbearers, and flower girls) since I was 17 years old and can also make bouquets and wedding decorations. They always give another excuse as to why they asked me, but out of the eight times I’ve been a MOH, only two of them are still in contact with me. Since those two are my sisters that part makes sense. šŸ™‚

    Your internet company is strange. We were able to buy the router for our house and install it ourselves. Plus if we call for an apportionment it only takes them a couple days to come out. Though I will admit to having gone without internet simply because my computers crashed in the past and I didn’t have anything until I’d gotten a new computer. Considering my computer is my link to the outside world that’s saying something bad and good.

    These types of distractions in our everyday lives, like TV, the internet, or computers in general, are such an integral part that even when you take one away, your brain is still thinking about it unconsciously until it is back in working order. No matter how you fill in that time that you would normally be spending watching TV or wandering the internet, in the back of your mind you’re subconsciously still listing the things you would normally be doing if those things hadn’t broken. It feels off in a way that people don’t really understand. But when you think about it, you do know that you were more distracted by it’s lack of being then you realized.

    Sorry, it’s totally a philosophical debate…lol. I’ll admit that whenever my computer has broken, I could almost swear it’s like a black hole has entered a part of the room that it normally lights up. The whole room just doesn’t feel right until it’s fixed. It doesn’t matter that I already read a new book every couple of days (fast reader). I normally have 3 or 4 things all going on at the same time.Take one of them away and I get totally distracted by its loss..

    Gonna say though, good to have you back. You’ll be caught up in no time I’m sure…lol. šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, that’s a lot. Although you don’t need internet to patch world maps. šŸ™‚

    At least you managed to look at it from the bright side. Family comes together, cousins can’t IM you with complaints even if you DID do IM. Must have been some Thanksgiving.
    I lost contact with most of my family, have been trying to track down my dad for over a year now. Very calming experience, but sometimes lonely. In some ways, I envy you.

    A little while back the power adapter for my modem broke. The ISP actually wanted to schedule a technician to verify. Longer than a week just to get a power adapter. I just went by their demo-store with my modem, walked to the tech-support area, pointed at one of their modems and told them I wanted one of those. 2 minutes later I was on my way home with a new, tested, power adapter.

    As for phones, I used to get one of the hype-phones as part of my subscription plan. Finally I just bought a smaller HTC Wildfire on my own and my subscription costs went down to a few dollars a month. I sometimes stare longingly at people’s iPhones and Galaxies, but I’m far better off.

    As for Sims news, the Sims 3 University Life is almost confirmed! Yippee! The estimated price is a too high for an expansion though. I wonder how many expansions there will be before Sims 3 is done. (On a sidenote, I miss Castaway)
    The Store Christmas set is mostly decorative. There is an upcoming greenhouse for the avid sim-gardeners, with premium items that allow mass fertilizing and talking to plants.
    And of course, beautiful Monte Vista next week.

    PS Someone is messing with the poll. Every time Sunlit Tides comes up, there is a sudden influx of dozens of votes for Hidden Springs to make it number 1 again. Seen it happen several times now.

  3. I wasn’t along when they made the arrangements for the new cable package, so the right questions weren’t ever raised, I guess.

    Well, back to your regularly scheduled programming: on Sims stuff. Still hard to get back on that horse with CAW still the way it is. Been reading up on latest news, though, when I get a chance at some quiet time these couple days. Still, the same issues, same complaints; different day, different month; it is getting a tad old.

    I can’t for the life of me get excited about new EPs, SPs and Store items after 3 years of the same ole same ole.

    But I’d still need to find a workaround for CAW to clear my ToDo list on the world fixes, so you guys need not worry I’d abandon those. And then perhaps immerse myself in something else. It is really hard to maintain your enthusiasm for something when you’re thwarted at every turn.

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