Hello world! I’m a Cross-Platform Developer.

Hello, I’m Ella and I’m a Cross-Platform Developer.

Well, I aspire to be anyways. That’s my resolution for the New Year. ‘Cos all the weight-loss ones worked so well! 🙂

While I’m on my “CAW-does-not-exist” tantrum, I’ve finally setup my Qt development environment this past week. And the result? See for yourself after the jump.

Hello Qt programs in Windows and OSX

Here’s my first foray into programming with Qt (pronounced “cute”). It’s an application framework written in C++. And it allows the developer to maintain one code base and just recompile the source code in whatever platform the application is aimed at.

I’ve been learning C# just to learn how to use the s3pi libraries from the Jones’s, and now I’ve to learn how to use the C# libraries in C++. Got lots to learn, still!




  1. Hey there!! Saw your posts on another site re: TS3, CAW and MODS …and wanted to ask you a question sans the clutter in the other places…

    A person who I do some tech work for [the joys of being a twittermom] installed TS3 on her system after wiping Vista and placing Win7 on board. The problem is that TS3 will not run, as in not launch. One site had mentioned a possible fix by going to Program/Files/EA/TS3 and then putting a check in the TS3 box. Afterwards, it should run. Is that a viable solution?

    Also…just for the record….not a gamer here. My vice in that area is FS2004….I know, ancient. But from what I remember when I worked with Micron all those years back, is that a lot of our calls in re: games not working had to do with EA. Video scrambles. sound failures….sad really considering the amount that spent on development.

    Thanks in advance for any advice….


    • I’m sorry…I debated on whether to approve this but I though it would serve as a good example.

      1. You commented off topic to the post. Your comment has got nothing to do with the “Cross-Platform Developer” topic that I posted about programming in C++
      2. There are various Sims forums that provide support, so please post there. You can try MTS, we have various and sundry FAQ topics that cover what to do when the game refuse to start. I don’t provide Sims support via this blog as it is mainly the platform for me to blog about the world fixes that I provide and any other Sim-related tech-blogging that may benefit the Sims Community. Occasionally I may blog about programming as it pertains to apps I planned to develop for Sims.
      3. Just because you want to cut the queue and get my attention directly does not preclude you having to follow the rules as others have done.

      Hope you understand.
      I have to be strict about what goes where. Else, the floodgate opens and people post asking for my help everywhere and then I spread myself too thin to do any proper Helping or Modding. As it is, I hardly have time nowadays to even play…

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