Create-a-World woes, still

For the record, CAW 1.18.5 (released 11/01) still have Saving issues for me, too. Among a myriad of other issues, just like those outlined in the troubleshooting thread in the official CAW forum @BBS.

Now that that is out of the way, I have since rollback to 1.33 and CAW 1.16.2. And this is what I have had to deal with this weekend.

That’s right!

That is Sunset Valley with Riverview’s routing! How that happened, I have no idea. I’ve done the standard – restart on fresh folders, reinstall and each time I get the same results. One of my methods is obviously wrong…but which one?

If anyone has encountered this before and know how to correct it, I’d ever be so grateful if you could drop me a lifeline. Otherwise, I’d be up to my nose searching around the web and figuring out the right terms to use in said search to find someone else who had encountered it before. And, hopefully with a fix!



    • Thx for the spot of confidence. Haven’t been able to research. ‘Net died on me; have been having spotty connection all weekend. I think my router died. Well, that would give me time to dig in and troubleshoot, if only it didn’t happen on the worst few weeks of busy time, this time of year.

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