Do you know: how to undo DEP tweaks properly?

I’ve come across numerous threads, not only on MTS but almost anywhere that has a forum where people seek help for the crashings occurring in their games. And the most common piece of information is that they have had no luck with tweaking DEP.

This can be due to numerous reasons, but the main one is that the DEP setting was not removed properly when they uninstalled the base game. So when they reinstall and the crashing still happens, the DEP dialog box is still showing the entry from the previous tweak. I’m not entirely sure if it references the old exe, but I know that if the uninstall and reinstall is also accompanied by patching to different versions (i.e. when you rollback or update to a different patch) the TS3W.exe is actually a totally different file. Here’s how to ensure you do it properly.

(This of course, only applies to Windows systems.)

To get to the DEP dialog box:

  1. Right-click on Computers (either from Start menu or from Desktop or Windows Explorer)
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click Advanced System Settings on the menu sidebar on the left
  4. Click Advanced tab
  5. Click Settings button on the Performance section
  6. Click Data Execution Prevention

To properly turn off the DEP tweaks done previously, it is best to do so before the Uninstall step.

  1. DEP dialog boxClick on the checkbox with the Sims 3 entry to unselect
  2. Click Apply button
  3. Select the Sims 3 entry
  4. Click on Remove Button
  5. Click on Apply button again
  6. Now, that the entry is gone, click on the default settings:
    “Turn on DEP for essential Windows program and services only”
  7. Click OK to exit the dialog box
  8. Now then, Uninstall the base game
  9. Reboot system to apply settings fully

Reminder again, that this is only for systems on Windows OS.




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