Do you know: the Table-of-Contents on SimsWiki has a sticky setting?

On long Wiki pages, it is handy to have a Table of Contents, or sometimes referred to as TOC. But the long TOC panel also makes the page longer. If you prefer not to navigate via the TOC, you can collapse it by clicking on the hide link, and this preference is “stickied”. Meaning that the cookies for the site stores this preference and would remember the setting for all pages you visit until you click on show again. Which will then be stickied to the Show setting from that point on.

However, unregistered users and logged in users see a different default for the first time.

  • Unregistered users: if you have not registered or not logged in, you’ll see the TOC collapsed by default.
  • Logged-in users: if you’re logged in, the default TOC setting is to have it expanded and shown until you select otherwise.

Well, it is not just on SimsWiki, this is actually a Mediawiki feature. Hope you learn something new, today!



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