Do you know: keystroke v is for version?

On a Windows system, in the Main Game load screen, if you press the v-key, you’ll get the contents of the skuversion.txt showing the last installed pack’s gameversion. Not really so helpful now that only the base game gets updated, though. Pity, that.

EA should change and update this feature to show the base game’s version instead, now that only the base game gets updated. And while they’re at it, implement the same thing for Launcher’s screen, the one on the left Tab menu section. Would go a long way in clearing up confusion, in my opinion.

Well, one can dream… 🙂

[Update Jan 8, 2013]

Seems the v-key now reads base game’s skuversion.txt. Should I be grateful or worried that EA reads my blog? Assuming, this change was triggered by this post, maybe they were already working on it?
However it came about, I’m grateful for the change. So thanks, EA! Credit where credit’s due, after all.




  1. If I recall correctly, if you mouse-over the plumbbobs at the bottom of the launcher-screen, it’ll popup the version of every installed ep/sp, as well as the base game. Nothing in-game though.

    • As I do uninstalls and reinstalls often to test Incremental vs Superpatcher similarities/differences during patch releases, it is sometimes troublesome to start Launcher when my muscle memory straightaway press the keystrokes combo for the game right after the patch completes, you know?

      Since my shortcut keystroke combo is for 3Booter and not Launcher.
      That’s why this would be extremely helpful if it displays base game version#, like I said. To be able to know game version while in the game versus having to start a separate program.

  2. Updated the post above with a new image. Things have changed in patch 1.47. I wonder if there are other hidden “silent” fixes? The filesize difference does seem not much was changed.

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