Some personal news

Gosh! I’m bad at this blogging business.

I suppose I better explain if and when I won’t be as accessible or responsive to PMs as per usual. Especially now that I have mods to support.

I’m not at home, with no access to Internet most times. So, I won’t be around MTS & SimsWiki much, if at all this week. I’m helping an aunt after her mastectomy.

Will probably be back home after the weekend. Much depends on how she fares.

5 thoughts on “Some personal news

  1. Ouch, I trust she’s fine and they got it all. Hope you’ll get to the Moonlight Falls world-file soon. By the way, the other day I was teleported to a lake in Sunset Valley, where I noticed a horse standing on the bottom of the lake, trying to move. Amusing sight. Also a routing issue?

    1. Did you get a pic to immortalize the moment? 🙂 Post the pic in the Sunset thread, and I’ll verify if it’s a world routing or lot routing issue.
      Yeah, we’re all hoping results is good when we next see the specialist. Another round of radio- and/or chemo-therapy might be worrisome, too. It takes so much out of you.

      1. Unfortunately no. It was the lake near the military base, the lake with the waterfall, just in case that’s enough to go on. The game’s coding is so inefficient it’s still stuttering all the time, even though no part of my system seems to be straining. So I switch neighborhoods or wipe out all life in the neighborhood every once in a while. Horsey didn’t make it through the last purge, poor critter.
        I would help, but I wouldn’t know where to start. Do you really need to check inch by inch of those maps?
        Aunt feeling better yet? I never liked the idea of chemo. You’re killing as much good stuff in your body as bad stuff. Still, it’s not like there’s many proven alternatives.

  2. As for updates on the worlds and posting here, I say take your time and spend the all the time you need to with your Aunt. Real life should always take priority over a game. 🙂

    Your work is always worth the wait, especially when they make the game run so much smoother with all the time you spend on them.

    I hope she’s doing better and that everything is okay with you as well.

  3. “Do you really need to check inch by inch of those maps?”
    Well, yes. Thus why the loong time to complete. Plus, I had to rotate 90° each time I completed one pass, as I realized I don’t see all areas from one single perspective. So, that’s 4x of poring over each inch of those maps. It’s just tedious work, but could be soothing in so much that it is repetitive work.

    The part I hate most is to gather all the images and write up the Download post, actually. 😉

    Hi Jamie! There’s always this nagging thing over the shoulder, yanno? 🙂 The guilt of not delivering things, even if there’s no scheduled timeline. I hate making people wait for me, for anything. Oh well.

    As for my Aunt, thanks for asking. Yeah, another round of Chemo and stuff, unfortunately. We just got the results last Friday. I was actually back home on Sat night but have been coughing up a lung and down with the Flu. Reason why I decided to come home, so as not to affect my Aunt’s weakened immune system. She’ll be back to work middle of this week anyway, and my cousin is now back home.

    I hope to get back into the swing of things once I shake off this nasty bug and feel energetic enough to get out of bed!

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