Do you have a preference?

Is there a Store World that desperately needs fixing? Do you want a say on the release order? Well, then vote in the Poll!

I did work on bits and pieces here and there, and when I get tired of a map, I move on to another. There’s no specific release schedule planned. If left up to me, it would be which world I deemed most complete and that gets released first after Riverview. Riverview would be the pilot test for Store Worlds as the decrapification process may render all your saves unuseable if a mistake is made, and that is free so everyone can try it. And I would be releasing Riverview after Moonlight Falls, which is a Work-In-Progress now.

Let your voice be heard! Vote the most laggy Store World to get fixed first!



  1. Hi Ella, this probably isnt the place to contact you about this but couldn’t locate how to contact you on the site… I did all you said to and now I have this great detailed report and no clue what to do with it? Give it to some computer geek at Bestbuy and hope for the best? Lol. I have a gaming machine and far exceeds all the system requirements for both Sims 3 and WA. And suddenly after a month of playing its freezing up on me and lagging. Please help. Thank you kindly.

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