Do you have a preference?

Is there a Store World that desperately needs fixing? Do you want a say on the release order? Well, then vote in the Poll!

I did work on bits and pieces here and there, and when I get tired of a map, I move on to another. There’s no specific release schedule planned. If left up to me, it would be which world I deemed most complete and that gets released first after Riverview. Riverview would be the pilot test for Store Worlds as the decrapification process may render all your saves unuseable if a mistake is made, and that is free so everyone can try it. And I would be releasing Riverview after Moonlight Falls, which is a Work-In-Progress now.

Let your voice be heard! Vote the most laggy Store World to get fixed first!


2 thoughts on “Do you have a preference?

  1. Hi Ella, this probably isnt the place to contact you about this but couldn’t locate how to contact you on the site… I did all you said to and now I have this great detailed report and no clue what to do with it? Give it to some computer geek at Bestbuy and hope for the best? Lol. I have a gaming machine and far exceeds all the system requirements for both Sims 3 and WA. And suddenly after a month of playing its freezing up on me and lagging. Please help. Thank you kindly.

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